Connecting the dots –

Ten years ago I registered the domain name. At that time I was planing that it will became the name of a web development agency.

Well that never happened.

I could find many reasons why, but lets face it: the main reason is ME.

Looking back I can connect the dots and understand why this happened (or did not happen).

As I see it now, being an agency it’s about volume, tens of projects, tens of clients etc. and that’s not me (at least not now and not in the last ten years).

I like mid/long term projects, I like focusing on that project and working with people from other departments to get a glimpse of how everything gets connected to make it whole.

I hate useless stuff. I don’t feel comfortable working on something that I don’t believe in or think it will not be used because it really affects my motivation and focus.

All these and other subjective reasons led to this point.

So what’s next? will became a label (brand I think is a bit to early 🙂 ) for products / projects I will be building or co-found.

The goal is to create products that save you mainly time, time that you can spend doing real life stuff and not staring at a screen.

This means applications that automatise, simplify or solve everyday problems, challenges.

Let’s dig in.


I’ve done a redesign for the website so that it reflects this new path


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